Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vegan Cream Cheese FAIL

So, if you're eliminating dairy from your diet, and find yourself tempted to try a soy-free cream cheese recipe from a book entitled Dairy-Free and Delicious, just don't. Put it down and walk away. Unless you were one of those kids who liked eating paste in school.

The problem (and I should have seen this coming a mile away): it's a non-dairy milk thickened with oats (bland), cashews (bland and slightly sweet), and corn starch (bleh!). I'm trying to avoid soy and tree nuts, but might try an all-cashew version next time.

Maybe their tofu-based recipes come out better... tofu seems to be the ubiquitous stand-in for just about everything. I was a little disappointed that of the recipe book's “over 100 recipes,” 50 of them require tofu and the other 31 do not. Figure that one out?

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