I started this blog in the fall of 2007 at a time when I was bored out of my mind, wanted to share what I was learning about food, and didn't have Facebook. It has gone through a few distinct phases.

Phase I: Nourishing Traditions. This was a time when I was into unlocking maximum nutrition from foods in ways that are largely foreign to the American kitchen: things like lacto-fermented vegetables, home-cultured dairy products, and soaking/sprouting nuts, seeds, grains, etc. Oh, and lots of animal organs. I bought a grain mill and a dehydrator. I made some baaad-tasting food back then, but still hold dear to my heart a striving for traditional, nutrient-dense foods in favor of processed foods.

Phase II: Year of the Dumpling. In 2010, I attempted to make all of the recipes in the book, "The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide" by Wai Hon Chu and Connie Lovatt. I got from February to June before I started skipping recipes that didn't look good, and fell off altogether around November.

Phase III: My favorite recipes. Period.
I just want one place on the internet to keep all my favorite recipes.

Oh, did you want my food philosophy?
Budget conscious, sugar conscious, yay fruit, veggies, healthy fats (including organic butter when I can have dairy again), stone-ground whole grains. I also enjoy white rice and white flour.
Do I buy all organic and local food? Love to, but no. Just the dirty dozen.

What makes a recipe a keeper? It has to be:
- Tasty! Gone are the days of "but it's good for you."
- Simple (with baby on the hip if necessary)
- ...from real foods (you know, one-ingredient things. no pudding mix, Bisquick, "taco seasoning," onion soup mix, etc.)

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