Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chickpea Dumplings with Berbere Sauce (Shimbra Asa)

This recipe is hot - spicy hot!  It's made of little chickpea-flour biscuits simmered in a savory sauce full of hot pepper, onion and tomato.  The biscuits are made from freshly-milled chickpea flour mixed with salt, oil and water, flattened into little disks and baked.  They're toothsome and satisfying.  I could eat them all by themselves.  The recipe also called for them to be shaped like fish, in which case it would be called yeshimbra asa, and I would feel more like I was eating cat treats.
The sauce is made from sauteed onions, a curly red chile I picked up at the farmers' market, garlic, Berbere spice (cumin, cardamom, cloves, allspice, hot peppers, and ginger - I omitted the carom, rue and holy basil), salt, red wine and tomato paste. 
We had it over rice.  The rice and chickpea dumplings provide a little offset to the extreme spiciness of the sauce, but the sauce wins.  It is so gloriously flavorful and spicy I really can't wait to have the leftovers.  This strikes me as the sort of recipe that tastes better the next day.

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