Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stovetop Blueberry-Peach Grunt

This recipe was surprisingly simple and delicious.  I made the dumplings with whole wheat flour, sugar (Rapadura), baking powder, and salt, into which I cut in some butter and stirred in some milk.  To better accommodate the whole wheat, I increased the amount of milk a bit.
The "stew" is a mix of sliced peaches and blueberries, a little lemon juice, sugar, honey, allspice and ginger all simmered together.  I even cut down on the sugar a bit and it was still sweet enough to go just perfectly with a cup of plain creamline yogurt.


Ruth Sora Chung said...

omg my mouth is watering like always! I can almost smell it... :)

Deborah said...

It was so good! I'll have to make it for you before summer's over!