Monday, July 12, 2010

Malaysian Steamed Banana Muffins

Here we have a steamed version of banana bread.  It's simply flour, baking powder & soda, bananas, eggs, oil, sugar and a pinch of salt all mixed together (not too thoroughly), sprinkled with coconut and steamed for 20 minutes.  The result is soft, a little chewy (I'm used to crumbly whole wheat baked goods), with just the right touch of sweetness.  The coconut adds a hint of the exotic to an otherwise commonplace taste.  These would be good with chopped pecans mixed in.


Ruth Sora Chung said...

I think your photographs have improved a lot! They look better shot during the day in natural lighting. It's tricky photographing food at night though.

These muffins look divine!

Deborah said...

Thanks! I shudder to look at the old ones!