Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Salty-Sweet Coconut Puddings (Khanom Thuay)

So these are cute.  This was my first try at a traditional salty-sweet Thai street snack.  Both layers are made of some combination of coconut milk, rice flour and sugar.  The bottom layer has more starch and sugar and less coconut cream, while the top layer is mostly coconut cream with a bit of sugar and salt.  Both layers are pretty runny when poured into the cups in the steamer.

The bottom layer sits in the steamer for ten minutes and the top layer for fifteen.  When they're done, the bottom layer is quite gummy and the topping is still a bit runny, but it sets as it cools.

Besides the fact that I can't get them out of these cups without destroying them, these are SO easy to eat.  They're just so small and slightly sweet and gooey and creamy and, well, you can't get them out of the cups without destroying them...

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