Friday, April 30, 2010

Khanom Chan: Nine-Layer Coconut Tapioca Cake

When I looked at the list of this month's recipes, having finally gotten my head on straight after two weekends of travel, I did not think I could finish them all before May.  I think this month had a disproportionately high number of labor-intensive dough-rolling recipes, too.  Indeed our kitchen has seen a flurry of mad dumpling-making activities over the past week or so.

So I saved this simple recipe for last, knowing I could knock it out on some weekday before work.

This steamed cake is unlike anything I've made before.  I set a cake pan in the steamer and poured in a thin layer of batter, made of tapioca starch and sweetened coconut milk, every three minutes.  The cake ends up with a lot of distinct rubbery layers.  Traditionally the layers are made in different colors, so I made mine various shades of pink and green.  Aesthetics aside, the taste is reminiscent of Play-Doh and the consistency is sort of like extra-viscous Jell-O.  There may be some trick to making this of which I am not yet aware.  Until then - adios, April!

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