Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pierogi z Kasza Gryczana: Kasha & Mushroom Pierogies

Ahh... my first pierogies.  They were not very beautiful, but so delicious - even without butter or sour cream - that I had difficulty keeping enough on the plate for the photo.

These weren't the typical mashed potato pierogies.  The filling looks and tastes like ground beef but is actually made of porcini mushrooms, kasha and onions ground up in the food processor.  The dough is rich with sour cream, butter and egg.  The most difficult part of the recipe was wrestling the dough, which got pretty springy at times and needed rest now and then (don't we all).

The best part about this recipe is that I now have enough pierogies in the freezer for at least two no-fuss meals - my favorite kind for a weeknight dinner.


Ruth Sora Chung said... forming the dough similar to sculpting? I wonder if making dumplings are informing you in your art or vice versa:)

Deborah said...

I shall make dumpling artwork!

storiteller said...

Mmm...pierogis. My grandmother is an immigrant from Poland, and she used to make homemade pierogis. The best kind were the ones with apples.

Deborah said...

Yeah I remember you telling me about those.. I'll have to try making them sometime.

Stephen Young said...

Can we eat these tonight, please? ; )

Nina said...

Pierogies are very popular in Poland where I live. There are plenty of recipes both for the dough and for the filling.

My favourites are with meat, the second choice would be with spinach, feta and garlic - tasty!

I always make dough without an egg- it makes pierogi less soft. Generally I need only flour, boiling water, some salt and little butter (my grandma never used butter, I do and think it is better). If you need any additional tips or link to pierogies on my blog/or help with translation into English (my blog is in Polish) let me know :)