Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cauliflower Soup with Bread Crumb Dumplings

Kvetakova Polevka s Knedliky. Say that ten times fast!  Here is a recipe that, despite a long list of blah ingredients (cauliflower, turnips, parsnips, nutmeg, stale breadcrumbs) tastes amazing.  It's a perfect example of a recipe I'd normally never try but am glad I did.

The leftover cornbread crumbs from last post (which did not taste very good when they were cornbread) became delicious when mixed with butter, eggs, milk and seasoning, rolled into balls and then boiled in salted water.  They look like meatballs and have a similar texture - "firm but not chewy"- so I might try them with spaghetti sometime.  (How's that for a carb overload?)  I would like to try making these from different kinds of bread and with different herbs mixed in; I think they'd be an excellent compliment to any soup or stew.

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