Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kluski Slaskie: Polish Potato Dumplings with Mushroom Sauce

This recipe is more about the mushroom sauce than the dumplings.  The sauce is made with dried porcini mushrooms, fresh bellas, onion, butter, salt and pepper.  The dumplings are made from boiled russet potatoes mixed with flour, salt and beaten egg.

The whole thing took two hours from start to finish.  I could have made the sauce in advance to save time at dinner.  I learned that dried porcini mushrooms, while soaking, smell exactly like dog food.  I was so worried the sauce would end up tasting like dog food.  Fortunately that smell cooked out after I added the butter and onions, leaving behind a rich delicious sauce. 

As I learned with the kroppkakor, it's very important to use russet potatoes in the dough.  They were nice and starchy and the dough was perfectly manageable after I added the minimum amount of flour.  I probably could have used even less.

This recipe is very simple, just has three time-consuming steps: rehydrating the mushrooms, simmering the sauce and boiling the potatoes.  They're very cute but a little heavy for our taste.

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A Creative Scrivener said...

That sounds so good! As soon as I settle into cooking and making meal plans around here I'll be combing through here for recipes.

Got anything that uses chickpeas/garbanzo beans? I have boatloads of dried ones that I need to use.